Gold Canyon Candles Mentioned on ABC Action News

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Gold Canyon Candles was mentioned in an ABC Action News piece titled “5 new ways to make money from home”

…Karen Waisaith of Arizona-based Gold Canyon Candles has grown what she calls a multi-million dollar business from a candle recipe she created in her kitchen in the mid 1970’s.

Today, 25,000 demonstrators across North America work for Gold Canyon Candles.

Waisaith said a company with good training, support and information is key to success.

But she also said success requires passion.

“The most successful people in direct selling are those that not only have a strong desire to build a successful home-based business, but also those that have a love for the products they are selling," she said. "If you believe in a product, then you will find it easier to pass that belief on to others."…

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