Creative Memories Reopens

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St. Cloud, Minnesota - November 21, 2014 -- The iconic Creative Memories brand helped millions of people across the world cherish their memories, so news that CM is back under new ownership has created a swift and enthusiastic reaction.

"So excited to get the coversets with pages again! Looking forward to getting back on track with the scrapbooking products that I love!" – Teri-Lyn S.

Caleb Hayhoe, Chairman of Flowerdale Group Ltd., is the new owner of the thriving Creative Memories® Japan business, as well as both Creative Memories® and Ahni & Zoe™ brands, patents, artwork, products and manufacturing equipment in North America. The new company is under the name CM Group Holdings, Inc. or more simply, CM.

Mr. Hayhoe says, “I am delighted to be part of the rebirth of Creative Memories with the talented teams in St. Cloud, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The enthusiastic response to CM has been incredible and humbling. We are seeing sign-ups around the clock and our new factory is humming. Most of all though, I'm pleased that thousands and thousands of families will be able to continue to preserve their precious memories with the highest quality, photo-safe products in the world.”

Exceptional quality is a brand hallmark CM customers can count on. In addition to the proprietary manufacturing and testing equipment, the operations team has an average tenure of more than 14 years and more than 100 years of experience.

The team is proud to offer both Creative Memories classics and Ahni & Zoe’s award-winning albums. A&Z fans are happy to have the quick and easy albums back with their fresh and modern designs.