Chloe and Isabel Completes Restructuring

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NEW YORK, March 20, 2018 -- Chloe + Isabel has completed a restructuring, opening its doors to more entrepreneurs and fashion jewelry lovers, and increasing access to the Chloe + Isabel experience. The company has a new ownership group which has a number of investments in the direct selling industry, supporting companies like Princess House, Inc. The ownership group believes in the values of the direct sales industry and its positive impact on people's lives.

Chloe + Isabel has attracted two highly experienced leaders who believe in entrepreneurship, empowerment and opportunity. Recently appointed President and CEO Doug Hepfer and SVP of Sales Marcia Cota bring decades of experience in the direct sales industry. Doug and Marcia, along with the company's ownership and the Board of Directors, believe in the potential for Chloe + Isabel to impact thousands of lives in the United States, and soon Canada.

Chloe + Isabel has been the best kept secret in direct selling. New leadership has repositioned the company to make its Merchandiser opportunity attractive to a much broader group of entrepreneurial women. The company has abandoned the previous complex application and interview process, and implemented a new and lucrative sales compensation plan, providing industry-leading economic opportunity for its Independent Merchandisers and a newly enhanced earning potential for Sales Field Leaders.

"Doug and I are confident that Chloe + Isabel is a company that can support enterprising and savvy individuals in achieving their successes. Opening an Online Boutique with Chloe + Isabel is as unique an experience as it is simple, and our new career plan and business practices will help a wide range of people to be successful whether they are looking for additional income, or a fulfilling community where they can flourish through mentorship and new friendships," said Marcia Cota, the company's SVP of Sales. "Our goal is to take an incredible foundation of success, enhance it, and open it up to a wider audience."